About us

Makeitinindia.org is a not for profit web portal introduced by a group of highly experienced and educated retired Indian engineers from USA. The group has decided to benefit India with their expertise, experience and knowledge. Makeitinindia is such an attempt that also supports the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ambitious campaign "Make in India".

Makeitinindia is a marketplace that connects buyers with domain experts and manufacturers. It is a unique pedestal and platform which gives buyers, manufacturers and sellers a wonderful opportunity to the Indian business community to promote themselves to the foreign buyers. This also explores the potential from USA and worldwide to get licensing rights, joint ventures, technology transfers and mutual investments.

How it all started?

It was January 14, 2011, Sunday morning , I along with Dr. Bharat Barai and Prashant Shah visited at that time Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi (Now Prime Minister Of India) at his house in Gandhinagar. Dr. Barai introduces me as an industrialist in USA as some one acquired and operated number of industries and businesses , most of them turn around who saved industries and created jobs.

Prime Minister in his own unique style asks me "Hathibhai, you did all this work for America, what did you do for my Gujarat? Remember, we, Gujarat paid for your engineering education" For me answer was difficult… I fumbled and answered "That is the reason I am here" I told my this experienced to our BVM Engineering College alumni during a party. Most of them are retired highly experienced and educated engineers worked all their life in various industries in USA. There was and overwhelming response to do something for Gujarat and India. That is where the organization is emerged.

Products Required

It lists current available opportunity in USA products to be imported in USA and manufactured in India. These products are now needed and organization will help supplier in India to give quantity quality delivery and approximately price guidence. To get this inquiry if you are in that product business, or you have desire to make that product, you need to sign up as “Sign Up Manufacturer’” in this website. Read more..

Joint Venture Plant

it is inquiry from USA buyer, user manufacturer to have manufacturing facility in India. It can be joint venture, licensing agreement, partial owned or 100% owned by USA companies with or without their investment. Read more..

Brain drain becomes Trained brain

During sixties and 70s US adopted a policy where it would allow only certain type of qualified immigrants to migrate in US such as engineers, doctors, scientists etc. India since independence went rapidly established colleges and universities and started educating its masses. Every year thousands of engineers graduated from various colleges.

Number of them matched with US policy and started migrating to US. It was also known as "Brain Drain Policy" India being democracy, even government of India did not like their "Brain being drained" however could not do anything. Thousands and thousands of highly qualified engineers and doctors migrated to USA from India. At the same time, US welcomed all of us, gave opportunity to young newly educated engineers in large industries such as IBM, Ford, Dow, P&G. Exxon and list goes on and on.

Now, it's a time For Brain Gaining, Not Brain Draining!

As years passed this group of professionals became well experienced and a major force in many industries achieving very high corporate positions. Now all of the "Drained Brain" became "Trained Brain" Most of them now pushing their retirements and baby boomers,looking forward to give something back to India, their mother land.