One of the biggest problem India faces is its dependency mostly on agriculture. I do not know nationwide but villages are dependent primarily on agriculture income. In most of the villages there are very few industries hardly contributing 10% to 15% of income. The real income per head in villages are very low.

During independence movement Mahatma Gandhi tried to spearhead cottage industries such as Khadi and other Gramoudhyogs without much success.

In 1983 I acquired Aetna Pipe Products in Chicago USA. When I acquired it was 50 years old company making primarily electrical lamp parts. It made simple products like tubing, nipples, nuts  and fittings. During 85, 86 we had hard time to compete against the imported products from Taiwan. We just could not make price competitive. 

So, out of frustration I decided to source and buy products from Taiwan for my US business. To see and buy I went to Taiwan.  Number of suppliers and vendors came to my hotel in Taipe, the main city at different time to show me their factory so I can see their products, quality and prices. Each one will come at set time to take me to their factory, drive for hours and stop into a tiny village near a house or so. Take me upstairs or behind the building. I will see a family making small parts by hand or small machines. Same for number of places. Good quality products at low low cost, killing all US industries… like mine.  Rest is history. After Taiwan came Korea and China. They took all industries to their country and killed all manufacturing industries in USA.

I want to see India like that. Get all the cottage industries, thousands and millions all over India to depend their income on industries and not agriculture only. This will make villages prosperous and stop that migration to big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad which are already overcrowded.

Let us do it. Now we have technology and tools to do it. we have internet for selling and distribution and knowledge to make those products through Google, YouTube and other web portals.