Our Purpose, Our Mission, Our Goal

Our group or our associates has experience and expertise in following products and industries

  • Personal care products packaging and filling such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant sticks, soaps etc
  • Peanut products and peanut butter
  • Displays and medical equipments such as Xray CT MRI etc
  • Oil and Gas industries such as line pipes, OCTG, sucker roads, pumping units, mud pumps, valves, fittings and oilfield supply equipments
  • Steel fastners large diameters such as T Head Bolt, Hot forged Bolts, Railroad Spikes, Transmission line bolts and Guard Rail Bolts
  • Railcars and Tanker car manufacturing and refurbishing
  • Large fabrications such as tanks, above ground storage tanks fiber glass coated and double wall tank fabrications
  • Dairy and milk related plants (Expert is well experienced in India and Iin USA for many years)
  • Hydro Power plants various sizes (Expert is well experienced in USA and South America for hydro dams, hydro power plants over 25 years hands on experience)
  • Pipes, nipples and varieties of fittings for oil and gas, water and sewer industries