Terms & Conditions

The below mentioned terms and conditions are applicable to your use of the makeitinindia.org website. The website promotes Indian businesses to the foreign buyers and suppliers. These terms and conditions page is an agreement between users of this website and makeitinindia.org.

The moment you start using this website, we believe that you have completely read this agreement and accept it. If you don’t wish to be bound by these terms and conditions or don’t agree with it, you may not use this website or access it.

 Makeitinindia.org, just a platform-

This website functions merely as a platform for the members of this website to interact with the buyers and sellers for the purpose of trade. We are just a platform where businesses and buyers introduce to each other. We do not participate in any transaction or negotiation between sellers and buyers. It is a sole responsibility of members to undertake their transactions.

  User Eligibility and Agreement

Here, the user means any business or an individual that legally operates his business in India, can use the service of makeitinindia.org. The user must be an adult and not minor. The age of user must be at least 18 years of age. The businesses or a company who can form legally binding contracts under the applicable law will be considered eligible to use our service.

Makeitinindia.org requests its users to consider and follow the related laws while using this website. If any potential consequences caused by user’s behavior during the use of this website, we are not responsible for that. The suspended members of this site cannot use the service of this website.

Visitors and registered members come under this user agreement. The agreement also applies to anyone who access this website.

  Amendment and Intellectual Property rights

Makeitinindia.org reserves all the rights to amend, modify, update or change any information on this website time to time. The amendment can be made without any prior notification to the users. The amendments shall be effective as soon as they are made. If you are not agreeing with them, you must stop using this website. If you use this site after amendments, we believe that you have accepted the modified terms.

Makeitinindia.org owns the right of this website and all its content. The content includes text, images, sound, video, graphics etc. The content exemplifies intellectual property rights and trade secrets confined under the copyright law. We don’t proclaim the reliability or accuracy of any kind of information on this website. We are not responsible for any errors or the result obtained through the use of the information on this website. All the information or content provided on this website is with no guarantee of accuracy and totality. Users must acknowledge that it is their own responsibility to rely on the information given on this website.


Makeitindindia.org holds all the rights to terminate and deny user’s access anytime to certain features or areas of this website, whether it is a visitor or a registered user. Also holds the rights to create, change, terminate and deny different access to the different areas of the website without any prior notification to the users.

Makeitinindia reserves the rights to terminate the membership of any users in the below circumstances.

a) If the user provides false information.
b) If the user violates the Privacy Policy norms, and the terms and condition agreement.
c) If user post any material that is not related to international trade or business.
d) Using the name of another organization or illegal use of another company’s name.
e) Sending spam messages using this website.
f) Using the user ID and password of any other member.

  Content Posting and data protection

Makeitinindia.org may permit users to post content in some areas on this website. However, we do not take any kind of authority of this content or we are not the author of the content posted by the users of this website. We are also not responsible for the content posted by any third party on makeitinindia.org.

Personal and business information provided by the users will be governed by our Privacy Policy.

  Users' Interactions

The sole purpose of this website is to provide a platform for the Indian businesses to interact with the buyers and, for the buyers to interact with domain experts and businesses. Makeitinindia.org is not responsible for product, services, quality and safety norms, availability of products and services offered by suppliers or businesses registered with this website. It is a sole responsibility of users to negotiate and deal with each other.


The content provided on this website is for use “as available” or “as is”, makeitinindia.org makes no warranties or representations with respect to this content. The content may be out of date, there may be error, omissions and typographical mistakes in the content. We give no warranty, implied or express for all services and product or any service and product offered, including, but not limited to warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Visitors, members or subscribers irreversibly pledge, agree and promise to makeitinindia.org to hold makeitininida.org undisruptive against and from all and any loss, damage, claim, demand, cost, expense, liability, arises from all or any lawsuit and claim for slander, copyright, trademark breach and other claims resulting from visitors’ or subscribers’ or members’ e-mails, WebPages or other interactions. Visitor, member or subscriber consents to settle any kind of argument under the applicable law.